Your Favorite Workout Tunes

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Our blog post on How To Make A Workout Playlist had a lot of you sharing what your favorite workout songs were here on the blog and over at our Facebook page. Well, the results are in and we have the top three most popular songs you fitness junkies love to sweat to!

There was no big surprise when we saw what the most popular song to workout to was—Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Not only is it a great song but it will forever be tied to one of the best sport films of all time, Rocky. We dare you to listen to this and not feel motivated to lace up your running shoes:

The next most popular song is a classic. Sometimes you just want to kick out the jams and go a little crazy when you workout and it was clear to see that AC/DC was the prime go to band for just that. Their song Thunderstruck motivates us to give it our all:

Last but not least is Daft Punk’s Harder Better Faster Stronger. If the title of the song isn’t convincing enough just give it a listen, you won’t be let down:

What are your personal top three workout songs?

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