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When the workout gets tough, the tough get going…or that voice creeps up inside our heads trying to smack us down. This calls for a pep talk: “Yes you can, yes you can!” We asked our users, what power words keep you going? Go ahead and get inspired by 33 workout mantras.   

  1.  One, two, one, two!
  2.  Pain is weakness leaving the body!
  3.  Keep moving forward…keep moving forward
  4.  I run so fast, that my brain doesn’t have enough air to think anything… 🙂
  5. Whenever I’m dead on my feet, I become a 4 stroke engine. Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow. 4 steps 1 breath. Keeps feet and lungs together.
  6.  Shut up legs!
  7.  Pain is great ! Pain is great ! So they say !!
  8.  No pain, no gain
  9.  C’mon! Is that all you got? You ain’t so bad!
  10.  Feel sore today or sorry tomorrow
  11.  “Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion!” -Muhammad Ali
  12.  A winner never quits, a quitter never wins! Only the strong survive!
  13.  In, in; out, out
  14.  Keep on swimming. Keep on swimming. Keep on swimming swimming swimming
  15.  My dad is watching from heaven and I won’t let him see me quit.
  16.  Just 10 strides to the next tree / rock / light post.
  17.  Endorphins are coming
  18.  No matter how slow you may be going… You’re still lapping the guy on the couch.
  19.  You shoot me down but I won’t fall…I AM TITANIUM!!!
  20. There’s power in my legs, power in my legs, power, power, wonder working power in my legs, in my legs!
  21.  More miles = more beers
  22.  Dig deep! Skinny jeans!
  23.  Melt the butter
  24.  Just…need…to…get…home…
  25.  Run fat boy! Run!
  26.  When your body is trying to tell you it’s tired, it’s time for your brain to tell it who the boss is!
  27.  Sweat is just fat crying!!! Burn baby!!! Burn!!!
  28.  Run if you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just keep on going.
  29.  Pretend it’s zumba! Pretend it’s zumba!
  30.  You are pathetic, your grandma can cycle harder and faster than you!
  31.  Leave the fart behind you
  32.  When I workout I wear black because it’s a funeral for the fat!
  33.  Tank tops, booty shorts n’ bikinis! Tank tops, booty shorts n’ bikinis!

Some of your Endomondo friends might be training right now, how about you support them with a peptalk? Pick a mantra you like and send it from the or from the app (Android or iPhone).

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