Winners of August Challenge


Thank you all for freeing a lot of endorphins in our global Endomondo Sportswear Challenge in August! We are happy to announce the five winners of running jackets from our new sportswear collection:

  • Jesper Holmelund – 17,255 kcal
  • Buster McFly – 48,715 kcal
  • Per Thamsen – 3,666 kcal
  • Adrian Musiol – 8,134 kcal
  • Andy Paddy Murphy – 11,530 kcal 

Congratulations to our winners who will receive an email with details shortly. The rest of you can buy the jacket in our store.

We hope you all had fun. If you haven’t signed up to our Ovi Daily App challenge already, you can do it here.

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