Why We’re Merging Our PRO and Free Android Apps



To make progress, there has to be change, and this belief is what ensures we keep innovating with our app. Ever since we launched our PRO version in 2010, we’ve been working hard to keep updating it, as well as our Free app and our Premium feature set.

Our focus is now, and has always been, to offer you the best features and most optimized experience each time you use Endomondo. In order to to that, we are simplifying our user experience by merging our PRO and free apps on Android into one. This means that after the 10.7. release, the PRO app will no longer be updated with new features. If you are currently using our PRO app, we kindly ask that you download and use our Free app from now on.

We’d like to thank you for supporting our PRO app, and we want to assure you that if you are one of our users that paid for PRO features, they are yours for life. That goes for PRO users with Premium subscriptions too. Even if you unsubscribe from Premium, you will always keep the PRO features in your Free app, which will only be accessible to users that purchased the PRO app. Amazon users who downloaded the free version of the PRO app will not be able to access PRO features in the free app, so please verify that you have paid for it on your receipt prior to deleting the PRO app.

The free app will recognize you and unlock all your PRO features as soon as you log in, so you will continue to enjoy them as well as an ad free experience. Also, please remember to enable the settings you had set in your PRO app (such as heart rate monitor paring and audio settings) in the Free app. Please note, if you currently have a device with a version of Android lower than 4.0 or a version of the app prior to version 10.1, please do not uninstall your PRO app, as your PRO  features will not be accessible in the Free app. 

Your historical data is stored on our servers and will also be available to you in the free app as soon as you log in. However, we strongly recommend you verify that your data is available in the free app before deleting the PRO app from your phone.

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQs or reach out to us here.

Thanks again for your continued support and we hope you enjoy the great features we have in store for you with Endomondo!

Free your endorphins!
The Endomondo Team

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