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We think our community is awesome, and so we love sharing your inspirational stories with the world. There’s this sense of pride which permeates the office every time we hear that our app has had an impact on your lives, because these are the moments which remind us that we are making a difference.

Every once in a while, our team gets an email that puts a huge smile on someone’s face, such as this one from one of our users from Poland. His name is Leszek, and his path to becoming an athlete is one of the many great stories we’re proud to share with you:

“Hello Endo team,

With the start of the New Year, I wanted to take the opportunity to wish you all the best and tell you how grateful I am for your service.

I was an Endo user for some time, had some problems, contacted you and as compensation, one of your colleagues gave me a premium code…and then it really began 😉 I started clicking around and found this funny thing called “training plans”. I was using Endomondo to track my cycling activity before, but this was a good reason to try running. I don’t remember when exactly (probably sometime around Nov ‘13), but I created my first plan to run 10 km (never did running before). It was hard for me, partly because it was winter at that time, and also because I was a typical IT guy with few kgs above the advised limit 😉

I leszek2didn’t give up though; I signed up for the first timed run, and completed it in ~1:04 (Dec ’13). I also started to look and feel better, so I decided it’s a good reason to continue and signed up for a half-marathon. I created another plan and followed it as much as I could. I finished my first half-marathon in March ’14 – ~2:06. I was exhausted but very proud and happy. I decided that it’s time to raise the bar and signed up for marathon.

Again, I trained with a training plan from you. I skipped few trainings, had my ups and downs, but on the 28th of Sep ’14, I started my first ever marathon run and finished it in 3:50:53. The finish line was set at the National Stadium in Warsaw. I remember every single second of my run; all the cheering people, this incredible empowering noise that lets you run even faster despite barely standing on your feet. I remember my wife’s proud smile when I crossed the line and the feeling that I can achieve almost anything.

With this, I wanted to say a big Thank you, Endomondo.

Without you, I would’ve never felt that!

P.S. I have a lot of XL clothes for sale, anyone? :D”

Leszek, we are amazed by your achievements, and we’re grateful that you took us along while you pursued your goals. Thank you for reminding us why we do what we do, and keep on proving that you can reach any goal you put your mind to.

To see more of Leszek’s marathon pics, check out his blog.

Free your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

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