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With millions of Endomondo members freeing their endorphins all over the world, there were bound to be plenty of cool people. So, how would you figure out who among them is the coolest? Well, one intrepid user decided to challenge them all to settle this with her community challenge. Her name is Haajar (aka the “Endo Fairy”), and not only is she a very cool Endomondo user, she is the creator of the “Coolest Person on Endomondo” challenge, among others. We wanted to know more about what it takes to win eternal coolness (since, honestly, who wouldn’t want to brag about that?) so we asked her. If you want to know the answer to this too, read on!

How did you first discover that you could create a challenge?

HaajarI started receiving challenge invites from friends and would participate.  Eventually, I wanted to put my own silly spin on it to remove some of the competitiveness and make sure people at any fitness level felt comfortable joining.  My first challenge ended up being a “Naked” Marathon.  It pushed me to run my first personal marathon, although… I can’t promise I was completely naked during the entire 26.5 miles.

What motivates you to create challenges for the community?

I love the communal atmosphere of Endomondo.  I have made friends across the globe and have had the chance to meet quite a few in person and had exceptionally great experiences in the process.  Endomondo is like the UN of the international sporting community.  We all unite in the pursuit of fitness, sports and fun!

How did you get people to join your challenge on Endomondo?

I made my challenges fun, interesting and with goals that were reasonably obtainable.  My “World’s Biggest Baddest  Bada*sedly Bada*sed Bada*s” challenge initially started as a silly competition with a friend from Paris.  As we threw barbs back and forth, more people began reading the comments and joined in on the hilarity.  Neither I nor my friend actually won the competition, but I’m still sure I am quite the Bada*s. After loosing that challenge, I created the “Coolest Person on Endomondo” challenge to win the prize of perpetual coolocity. Three challenges later, I have faith that if I keep them going, I will be the coolest person on Endomondo…eventually 🙂

What do you think is the best part of community challenges?

The best part of the community challenges is they unite people across country boundaries, despite language differences and all for the fun of doing something we all love to do…but doing it together!

And the best part of the Endomondo community?

It’s international; it’s active; it helps people meet their fitness and health goals and most importantly CONNECTS people in a positive and uplifting way.  As I always say: I LOVE MY ENDO FAM!

Thanks Haajar, for keeping it cool on Endomondo, and for keeping the community spirit going strong! If you’ve created a cool challenge too, let us know! Drop us a line at social@endomondo.com and send us a quick summary of your challenge. Need help creating your challenges? Check out the guide on how to create them right from the app here.

Free your endorphins!
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