Which accomplishment are you most proud of?


Last month we asked our Facebook followers what accomplishment they were most proud of. We got a great variety of responses – a lot of personal records for running, cycling, weight loss, etc. – however, a few responses really stood out.

To begin, we had a lot of weight loss posts, but the most impressive came from Todd Grant who lost 150 lbs in the last year and is now running in sprint and long distance competitions.

Moving to the more aggressive side of things, we had Gilbert Olivia who won his first cage fight and Stephen Perrin who apparently is a professional wrestler.

Perhaps we should add a “working on submission maneuvers” setting…

We also heard from Cortney Millitello, who placed 43rd in the World Championships of Irish Dance.

JP Foster wrote in on behalf of his father who, though blind, cycled from Belfast to Dublin.

Steve Murfin shared his incredible accomplishment only two months removed from chemotherapy.

And finally, these are the two responses that made us laugh the most.


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