Where in the World Do You Break a Sweat?

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Oh, the places you can go! We know a lot of you travel and just because you’re in a different time zone doesn’t mean you drop your workout routine. When you find yourself on the other side of the globe, how do you know where to break a sweat? Tom Sims of the New York Times has figured it out and made it a little easier for others who find themselves in Paris.Tom Sims happens to be a man of the world—a global athlete, if you will. He recently wrote an article for the New York Times on finding his perfect place to run while in Paris. A simple answer to this question would be “run in the hotel gym”. But when you find yourself in a beautiful city like Paris, we think your run would be best enjoyed out in the Parisian air. Tom mapped his route with Endomondo and now other tourists and locals alike can discover his path and never find themselves down an uneven cobblestone street with no way out.

When you’re traveling (or in your hometown) how do you decide where the best place is to run, cycle etc.? Do you consider the roads, the sights or the destination? Let us know with a comment!

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