What’s Your Best Halloween-Themed Fitness Story?

Runner in the mist

Let’s face it. At some point in the pursuit of our fitness goals, most of us have had at least one less-than-memorable experience.

Maybe it was that time you spontaneously signed up for an intense circuit training session when you hadn’t hit the gym in weeks that made you walk funny for days. Or maybe it was that night you witnessed a zombie tarantula come back from the dead while riding your bike home. It might even have been that time you ran past your doppelganger while on your morning run.

Even if that experience didn’t seem all that amazing when it happened, a story is usually better in retrospect. And with Halloween right around the corner, we think it’s a perfect time to share those weird fitness stories.

But if the thought of sharing your spooky/funny/crazy experience with your fellow fitness fans doesn’t motivate you to want to put it out there, maybe this will: we want you to reward your best fitness “horror” story (in English, please).

The best one will be featured on our blog and social channels and you’ll get a 3 months of Premium as a prize! The top runners-up will get a month of free Premium for sending it in too, so make sure to send your story to social@endomondo.com

Free your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

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