Welcome to our revamped website!


We are extremely excited about the new user experience. Thanks for all the input from all of you during the past year. We feel humbled by this. Thank you so very much.

We want to give you a great, easy to use and social tool to make your sports and health activities as fun and motivating as they can possibly be. This is our new starting point, but rest assured this is only the beginning.

We hope you like it and please, do not hesitate to share your feedback with us on Facebook,Twitter or by shooting us an email.

Thomas, Brian, Alexandros, Ture, Mette, thanks for the incredible work and for putting thoughts into action. You totally rock!

Ali Tabatabai, we couldn’t have asked for a better designer! You have pushed us further! For those of you who have not yet checked out Ali’s work, check out www.wem3.dk

Other than a new user interface and design, we have a few surprises lined up for you:

  • Full screen maps on Workouts, Events and Routes
  • Terrain map view
  • Checkout ‘People out now’ under People to see the last workout of all public profiles within the past 24 hours, including the ones being out live. This should help you search for people near you.
  • Highlights of your activities on Home screen
  • Improved sharing of basically everything to Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • And a lot more for you to discover as you browse around.

Enjoy it!

The Endomondo Team

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