Use Your Headset to Control Endomondo


Does this sound like you: “When am I going to hit that next mile mark? I have to be really close!” You can take the guessing out of your stats while working out with Jabra. With just a hit of a button your audio coach will fill you in.

Jabra has a whole slew of headsets like the Jabra Chill, Jabra Rhythm, Jabra Sport Corded and Jabra Sport Wireless that will allow you to get audio updates on your progress whenever you want!

The Endomondo & Jabra features are:

  • Instant feedback: Hit the music button and you’ll have all the numbers on your display read out loud a second later. The tracker’s display is customizable, i.e., you choose which data is read aloud! Just long press a field to change the unit shown. This can include heart rate if you’re wearing a heart rate monitor. Note: Instant feedback works for Android (minimum OS v.2.2) and BlackBerry.
  • Workout control:Long press the music button to pause and resume the tracker. Note: Workout control works for Android (minimum OS v.2.2).


Get 20% off our selection of Jabra headsets in our US store now! The Jabra headsets all support the instant feedback and workout control features. Use the coupon code HEADSETPROMO during checkout in our US store before July 24th to get the discount.

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