Update for our BlackBerry 10 Users


If you have a BB10 phone, you may have noticed that the latest version of Endomondo for BB10 is not on par with the quality we generally deliver.

The main issue that users are reporting is GPS-related: either it takes a long time for the app to find the GPS, or it tracks but it doesn’t indicate it, or the signal simply doesn’t kick in. Taking in all your feedback, we’ve been bug-hunting like crazy and we think we’ve tracked down the issue, which is caused by certain chipsets. We are running some tests with different BlackBerry phones that have the right chipset, and we hope to have this issue resolved ASAP.

In addition to this, the feature set has changed with the latest release. Long story short, to have the option of adding new features on BB10 later on, we’ve had to redo the app, and this involved a difficult decision of removing some functionalities that just don’t work well when porting the app. These features included the step counter, Facebook sharing, Google+ sharing and login, live map tracking (though an overview map can still be seen under History), Bluetooth® connectivity for heart rate monitors and push notifications. We understand why some of you are not happy with this decision, but it was necessary in order for us to continue supporting BB10.

The positive impact of this is that it is much easier for us to add more functionality to BB10 going forward. The latest additions included in the most recent release are Training Plans and Statistics, and we hope to add more updates in the future.

We thank you for your patience and for wanting to help us make the app better, and we will strive to make it happen. We really appreciate all the detailed feedback we’ve received. If you want to contribute, head over to support.endomondo.com and send us your comments by submitting a request. What we need to know is:

  • Do you get the green icon in the lower left hand corner under the play-button that says “GPS – Moderate” or “GPS – Excellent”, or do you never get that – so that the icon says “No GPS”?
  • If you get the green icon, do you then start tracking but get no actual track?

Also, if you could let us know what version of the phone (Q10, Z10, Z30) you are using, that would be really helpful. You can find that information by going to your phone settings -> About -> Model number. We are looking for something along the lines of “STL100-1”.

We’ll keep you posted on the release of an update as soon as it’s available.

Thanks for your understanding,

The Endomondo Team

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