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Endomondo on the Apple Watch

Apple describes its new Apple Watch as their “most personal device yet”, so if you’ve already got your hands on one of these coveted watches and you own an iPhone 5 or later, you’re in luck. And we’re not just stating the obvious, because we’ve been busy getting our hands on it too. We’re always working on ways to bring you closer to your fitness, giving you access to your Endomondo workouts across all the hottest devices out there. With our latest iOS version 10.0 update, we’re doing just that, and more.

Not only can you track all your workouts while conveniently leaving your phone in your pocket (just remember to keep it in Bluetooth range), you can access all your favorite fitness stats directly on your smartwatch as you go. As soon as you connect your Apple Watch with your iPhone and have updated your Endomondo app to the latest version, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your performance in real-time during each workout.

You can customize the watch’s display by selecting the stats want to see, including distance, duration and calories burned. To choose which three stats are displayed on each Watch face, go to your Settings in Endomondo on your phone. You’ll also start, pause and stop your workouts from your wrist effortlessly, ensuring your workout is smooth and uninterrupted.

Apple Watch Glances Endomondo App


View Workouts with Glances

With “Glances”, you’ll either view the top two workout stats of your current activity, or you can see total distance and duration of the week’s activity after you’ve finished a workout. To glance at your workout, simple swipe up and tap on the app. Once you’ve finished a workout, you can check out your performance overview directly on your Apple Watch face. All your workout data will automatically be synced to your Endomondo profile, so you can access it later using your phone or on the web, and get more in-depth performance information. Your workout will also be registered on your HealthKit dashboard.

Get up and running

Just how do you connect your new Apple Watch to your app? Well, first, make sure you’ve enabled your Bluetooth settings on your phone and paired it with your watch. As long as you’ve connected your phone to your Apple Watch and have updated your app to version 10.0 and your phone to iOS version 8.3, you will be able to access your Endomondo app automatically. To bring up your Endomondo app on the Apple Watch, press the app icon on the home screen or turn on the “Digital Crown”. Now, you’re all set to start tracking your next workout on your Apple Watch!

So, if you haven’t already done so, go on and update your iOS app to our latest version, and enjoy personal fitness with your Apple Watch and Endomondo.

Free your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

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