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How do you find the motivation to get active after life takes you off track? Well, for one of our users, the answer came from thanks to some encouragement from a true friend, the allure of stats, and power of setting a goal.

JoAnne found herself back in her zone after years of leaving her love of competition behind to focus on raising a family. If you can relate or could use some inspiration to stay motivated, then read on to see how she reignited her passion and is now on her way to tackle new challenges.

“I started running in September 2011 because of a challenge. My best friend Adrienne and I have always been somewhat competitive. Early on, we started riding mountain bikes with a group of guys from our workplace and then we progressed to riding road bikes. Due to our competitive natures, we always strived to keep up with or beat the boys.

Eventually though (after many years), our priorities changed due to childbirths and active families, so I settled into a more sedentary lifestyle. For almost 10 years, I remained inactive and gained 30 pounds. I was unhappy and grumpy most of the time. Adrienne tried many times throughout the 10 years to get me back on my bicycles. None of her attempts lasted very long, but she never gave up on me.

In September of 2011, she tried another approach and challenged me to run the Disney Princess ½ marathon with her in February 2012. She played on my love of TinkerBell.  So, I downloaded the Endomondo app on my cell phone, upgraded to Premium and started running. What surprised me the most and continues to motivate me is watching my statistics!!!

I love to watch them not only improve but grow. Distance, calories, speed…I love to watch those numbers increase. After every run, I race to the computer to check my stats and view my friend’s workouts. The fact that I can view Adrienne’s activities and she can view mine, kept me in check. She would know if I was slacking or taking a break.

joanne_tinkerbell I will have to admit getting to the next level was always difficult, but once it was mastered those distances became easier to do. I remember worrying that I’d never be able to run a 5K without walking, in time I did it. I then questioned if I’d ever beat the 5 mile beast. It took a bit longer to achieve that but I did. Then it was the 7 mile monster, 10 miles, 12 miles…ect. I

always managed to get there and keeping track of my improvements, no matter how small, kept me going. I was determined to run the Disney Princess ½ marathon wearing my TinkerBell costume. February 2012, we did it!! We completed our first ½ marathon and loved it!

We ran a few local ½ marathons after Disney and decided to “go crazy” and register for the Disney full marathon in January 2013. We did “go crazy” and ended up running three marathons that year. I tackled the challenge the same way I trained for the ½ marathon…one mile at a time.

I also knew there would be more challengers to running a marathon such as proper nutrition, hydration, and electrolyte issues, so I started researching and reading more about running, subscribed to Runner’s World magazine and dug in. To keep the motivation going strong, I decided to spice it up a bit and challenged Adrienne to a local small triathlon. She accepted and countered me with a challenge to do the Ironman 70.3 in Augusta, Georgia in September. I accepted and away we go onto our next adventure…”

JoAnne is currently training for the triathlon, which means she’s busy swimming, running and biking while keeping an eye on her stats. We can’t wait to hear how she does, though she’s already a champion in our books. Best of luck, JoAnne!

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