The world’s first truly free live tracking tool is now live!


Hi guys,

We have got great news for you today!

Up until now, you have been able to follow only your friends live while they have been tracking. We have also been experimenting over time with public live tracking on a few big events like the NY marathon, London Marathon, Copenhagen marathon etc. Today, we bring these experiences to life by launching the world’s first truly free live event tracking tool! 

Basically, anyone and everyone can use the new event module for anything and everything. Whether you are a group of friends creating your own race through Grand Canyon, Sibiria or in the nearby forest or an event organizer for e.g. London Marathon, you are free to use the event module.

The feature is as simple as it gets; you create an event on a certain date, you draw the route of the event and then everybody can sign up for it. On the day of the event, people having signed up for it will be visible on the public live tracking map. During the event, you’ll have a full overview of the leaderboard and you can sort by male/female, friends only etc. to make the leader board as relevant to you as possible.

Guys, we can’t wait to hear and see what you’ll do with this and as always, we’ll listen closely to what you have to say and improve the features accordingly as we go on.

Log in and go to EVENTS to check it out or to create your first event!

I’ll check in with you again later this summer with more exciting news,


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