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Mette, Co-founder
Hi everybody. For a long time, I was the only female in the office. Now, I’m happy to say that we are 3 girls in Endomondo to put a female touch on things! Personally, I used to horseback ride a lot – both dressage and jumping – and I was also a not so talented tennis player. Nowadays, you’ll probably have greater luck finding me in the fitness center, out running or in front of a canvas, as I have been a passionate painter for many years.

I’m in charge of PR, marketing and campaigns, so if you have ideas for a great campaign or marketing efforts, reach out to me at

Alter ego: The female Endo

Christian, Co-founder
Hi guys, so… the super brief intro; I used to be fast they say….:-) In all seriousness, I used to pursue a career as a professional runner. My core distance was 400 meters with a personal record of 46.47 seconds. That’s some time ago though, as I ended my professional running career in 2004. Despite that, running keeps on being my passion, so in May 2009, I pushed myself into completing my first marathon. Although running a marathon is about as far away from sprinting as you can get, it was a great experience. Now I’ve set my mind on the Swedish Classic – swimming, biking, cross country skiing and running – 4 hard core races in one year, but more on that later on.

I’m responsible for all the financial and legal stuff. Write me an email at if you have any questions in this regard.

Alter ego: The fast Endo

Jakob, Co-founder
Hi everyone! So.. I’m coming from the world of surfing and skiing. Despite coming from a flat country, I actually spent many years teaching for the French Ski School – hard to believe I know, but with Copenhagen being my base now, I’ve taken up swimming and mountain biking in the past few years. Actually, apart from occasional runs and a marathon, mountain biking is what I do most these days. I take my fair share of crashes in the woods, and remarkably enough and unlike me, the phone seems to take it like a man! By the way Christian, count me in on the Swedish Classic.

I’m overall responsible for developing Endomondo as a product and for our partnerships around the world. So if you’ve got any great ideas, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at Until then, take care.

Alter ego: The casual Endo

Hi guys, I guess I can say that I’m the most dedicated runner in the house. We are a few fighting for that title, but I’m sure I’ll win. I don’t know, running is kind of my thing and therefore, I found my dream job at Endomondo. Outside the world of tech and sports, I’m the lead singer in the band Limetone and I believe I add a musical touch to the team.

I’m overall responsible for the tech side of Endomondo. Should you feel the urge, write me an email at

Alter ego: The tech Endo

Hi everybody. Maybe Thomas is right on claiming the most dedicated runner title, though I’ll keep on fighting for it, but when it comes to the more wet elements, this is where I come into play. Long ago, I used to compete in swimming, so naturally I’m on our swimming team outside our office and though not being in the same shape as in my teens, I’m still fast enough to outpace Ture, Jakob and Brian in the canals – although only for like 50 meters. And then guys, just for the record, my mom did a marathon on 3.17.15 when she was 50, so you may think you can run, but there’s still some way to go.

Coming from years of working with software development in the mobile industry, I’m leading our mobile development as well as developing our Symbian app. You can reach me at

Alter ego: The mobile endo

Morten, I don’t know about Thomas claiming that title… I believe I still hold the fastest 5K in the house and the fastest marathon! Like Jakob, I’ve spent a great deal of time skiing, climbing, mountain biking and surfing, so if and I say if, Thomas will be successful in claiming that running title, I guess you can say that I’m the adventure sports guy.

I’m responsible for our community. Together with Agnieszka and Monika I spend a lot of my time trying to get the best and fastest possible response to whatever support and feedback you shoot at us. I’m the voice inside representing all of you guys out there making sure that you are heard loud and clear. Feel free to write me regarding anything and everything. I’m at

Alter ego: The X-treme Endo

Hey, they call me the calm Endo. I guess they are right in the sense that I probably talk less than the others, but my programming is fast and furious. Sportswise, I’m always ready to nail Jakob on the squash court and when it comes to running, I finished my first marathon a few years back. For some odd reason, I’m also the guy keeping everybody fresh in the Winter when I go running only to finish up with a quick dive into the freezing canals of Copenhagen. Although trying, it’s slightly difficult to persuade the entire office to join me, but as you can see on this video, occasionally it works.
Video text: Brian (first one in) and Jakob outside our office. Christian filming – sorry for the horisontal view 🙂

Together with Thomas and Alexandros, I’m responsible for what’s going on at the website. You can reach me at and Christian, I’m joining the Swedish Classic as well.

Alter ego: The calm Endo

Hi, all you great people. With 8 years of karate and 5 years of Wing Tsun, I’m trying to keep people safe in our office. When I’m not into martial arts, I’m running, biking, going diving or taking lessons to improve my singing skills. So I don’t really know what to say about Thomas adding that musical touch to our office, let alone claiming yet another title with no proof… I’ll definitely take him up on that.

Other than that, I’m part of our mobile development team, mostly dedicated to the iPhone. On top, I’ve had the awesome opportunity to work on some really cool things for the website that we will reveal later in 2010. I really can’t wait to share it with you, but for now, take care and if you feel like it, write me an email at

Alter ego: The karate Endo

Hi guys, I guess I have a thing for sports that require quite a bit of endurance. So… a lot of the people involved in Endomondo have done a marathon. Great! I have done five marathons, not to mention the famous Swedish 90K ski race, Vasaloppet. And Ture, it’s almost unfair to break the news, but I’ve done 10 K faster than two of your fastest 5 Ks put together. It’s a few years back, I’ll give you that, but after dealing with a serious injury lately, I’ve set my mind on regaining lost ground. Doing this, cycling has become my new best friend as complementary training. Guys, I’m also in on the Swedish Classic.

Anyway, I’m dedicating my time to our Android app and occasionally, features on the web. You can reach me at

Alter ego: The enduring Endo

Hi everybody. I’m smiling a lot listening to the rest of the bunch when they talk about running. As a former world champion – I was fortunate enough to win the world championship in Athletics with the Polish national 4x400m team some years ago – I tend to maintain low profile in order not to scare the rest of the team. Plus, I really don’t want to hurt Christian’s feelings. To be fair to everyone, I’m actually not competing anymore, but you can often find me running in the big forests of Warsaw, so come out and join me for a run!

I’m heading up our team in Warsaw and you can reach me at

Alter ego: The fastest Endo

Hey guys, what can I say…I’m more the recreational kind of sports guy. I just love it, but the fun for me is the activity itself. So I often find myself smiling when the guys go on about who’s winning what. Personally, I’m Greek. I moved to Copenhagen in 2009 trying to put some Mediterranean feel to Endomondo. So, I guess the question is; what do you do in Northern Europe when you are used to sailing and swimming in the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea and the weather just doesn’t seem to come around up here…well, you wait for Summer. In the meantime, I try to write as much great code as possible for you guys out there to enjoy. Tough job, but I’m on the case! 🙂

You can all reach me at

Alter ego: The Greek Endo

Hey there! Ture, Jakob, no harm intended, but I guess you can say that I’m the true mountaineering guy in Endomondo. After all, how many mountains do you guys in Copenhagen really have? I basically love all aspects of climbing and do it as often as I can all year around. On a regular day though, you are most likely to meet me biking around Warsaw.

I’m part of our mobile team and the guy behind the Blackberry app. I’m working on a couple of other things that I’ll reveal for you later on, but for now, feel free to send me an email at

Alter ego: The climbing Endo

Hep, hep, I’m on the girls’ team here in Endomondo making sure that Mette and Monika are not the only ones opting for the female touch of Endomondo. Though being active outside on a recreational basis, swimming is really my sport – extreme aerobic workouts to be specific. Sounds odd? Well, it’s actually pretty great. You should try it!

I’m part of our community team and I’m going out of my way to solve any issue or problem that you guys might have. With a strong background in languages, I’m also helping out in keeping Endomondo multilingual. You can write me at

Alter ego: The crazy Endo

Hey, wow ya,.. how do I do this. I’m actually a post graduate from a school of fine arts and a recent one of French literature. One mind, many interests, I guess that mindset has taken me around a bit. Today, I’m proficient in a bunch of languages. Also, I try to speak the language of ice skating and football fluently, let’s see how far I get here:-)

I originally started working here helping all you guys out with your questions and feedback, but now I spend most of my time being on our developers back, making sure that they make flawless code. My intention is basically to catch all possible bugs in our software. You can reach me at

Alter ego: The Mondo Endo

Hi there, I’m also opting for an active and healthy life. So I run, but my core sport is really yoga. I’m a fan, actually more than that, yoga is part of my everyday life. And guys, every time I hear about you suffering from injuries or muscular pain in general, I can’t underline enough what yoga would do for you! A month, I assure you, and the pain is gone.

I’m part of our community team and it’s a pleasure, I must say, to communicate one-on-one with all of you out there. Keep up the great, constructive feedback. We really appreciate it. On the support side – with the growth that we are seeing – we’ll do our best to answer your questions asap, but spare with us should the lead time be more than a couple of hours.  You can reach me at Until then, take care!

Alter ego: The Yoga Endo

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