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In the Fall of 2007, we, Mette, Christian and Jakob, decided to take action on an idea that we had discussed over summer. At the time we worked for McKinsey & Co as management consultants, but the thing was that prior to this, we had all devoted a significant part of our lives to some kind of sport at a fairly serious level and we missed it. Mette used to compete in horseback riding, Christian was a 400 sprinter holding the Danish record for many years and Jakob had spent many seasons as a ski instructor, working for the French ski school around the Alps. That Fall of 2007, we decided to try to combine our passion for sports with our working life. With that decision, we gave birth to Endomondo.
We had all used various training tools in our lives, but we were convinced that the services out there could be done better and differently using today’s mobile phones as the starting point. Also, it had been a great frustration of ours that friends using different stand alone devices, tracking watches, foot pods etc., couldn’t really share their experiences with each other unless they used the same device and we found that hard to accept.

So, after half a year in what only merely resembled an office space, with a fridge in the corner that also served as a kitchen table, and doing the dishes in the sink in the bathroom (this is not a joke:-)), we launched our alpha version of the app. It was a great success and it was enough to convince a few truly great developers to also leave their job and join the adventure. Thomas joined, Brian joined, Ture, Morten, Jesper, Martin joined….and all of a sudden things started to snowball.

Two years have gone by since then and although they have been wildly surprising and amazing, we still have that feeling that we’ve only just started. There are so many things we want to do with Endomondo and even though things have been happening at an incredible speed, we kind of feel that now is the time to really release the potential of Endomondo.
On this adventure, we are so very happy to be guided by all of you hundreds of thousands of people out there using Endomondo. Guys, you are the reason why we do what we do, thank you! Don’t ever stop freeing your endorphins.

So, our warmest welcome to each and everyone. See you within.

Mette, Christian and Jakob

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