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Getting fit is a reward in itself. Still, when you’re already doing something good for yourself,  it doesn’t hurt to sweeten the pot by having a little extra incentive, like getting an amazing prize for your efforts.

A sponsor of one of our featured challenges, Spies (a Danish travel agency), sent one lucky winner on a 1-week training camp in sunny Numa Beach in Alanya, Turkey. We caught up with Michelle after she came back from her trip and asked her to fill us in on what it was like to win the challenge and share her experience in Turkey.

What’s your favorite sport to track?
I mostly use Endomondo to track running. The Audio Coach makes me push further with every km.

michelleplankWhy did you join this challenge?
Honestly, I just like joining in to all the challenges I see at the beginning of the month, so that I can be a part of the community going towards the goal together. Most of my friends on Endomondo also join in, so it’s always fun to compete against each other.

How did you feel when you saw the email from us letting you know that you won the challenge?
I couldn’t really believe it! I never win anything. And now, a vacation?! So I guess at first it was confusion, and when I figured that it was really happening, I got really happy and excited.

What was the best thing about the training camp?
The best thing was that I never really felt lonely. It was really easy to feel like a part of the group even though I travelled alone. The second best thing: the adventure. I’ve never been on an active vacation during the summer (I usually ski on vacations), so it was an adventure in itself.


Did you like visiting Turkey? What was the coolest thing about your experience there?
Turkey is a beautiful country to visit. I had actually been there once before some years ago, but it was great being there again – and the weather was awesome the entire week. The coolest thing about the vacation was how quickly one makes friends on a vacation like that, and how the active environment made it possible to overcome barriers in your workout. For example, due to my natural clumsiness, I’ve always found box jumps scary. But since everyone was doing them, I suddenly felt that I could too. And eventually, I got quite good at it.

We’d like to thank Michelle for sharing her experience with the Spies training Camp! If you want to have a chance to win one of the great prizes up for grabs each month with our featured challenges, remember to join in and to keep tracking those workouts.

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