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Last week, we kicked off our insider’s guide to lingo series with running. We told you we’d be bringing your more to help you stay in the know.

This time, we take on…biking lingo:

Broom wagon: This whimsical wagon, named for the brooms attached to it, is the car that follows the main group of riders and sweeps up the cyclists who abandon the race. Seems like pretty good motivation to not lag behind!

Clydesdale: Biking and equestrian sports seem to have a lot of lingo in common. Cyclists that weigh in at 90 kilograms or more are affectionately nicknamed Clydesdales.

Endo: Although we proudly call ourselves “Endos”, our beloved nickname actually has a, dare we say, twisted meaning in cycling lingo. An “endo” can also refer to when a cyclist flips over the handlebars, end over end. Not the endorphin rush you would hope for!

Peloton: A peloton is a term that can both be used to describe professional cyclists AND the main group of riders in a road bicycle race. When referring to the group, they actually ride together to reduce drag, and real pros can do so by as much as 40%.

Steed: This sounds waaay more epic than riding your bike, but it’s actually the same thing. Your steed is your you-powered mount, also know as a bicycle. Carry on, noble knight.

Saddle: You can’t properly ride your steed without a saddle, can you? As bikes get more ergonomic, we can all look forward to a much more comfortable ride, avoiding the dreaded saddle sore. We won’t hold our breath for comfier horseback saddles though.

A special thanks to our very own cycling enthusiast and insider, Sebastian, for giving us the lowdown on the lingo. Stay tuned for more guides in upcoming posts!

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