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There is definitely a group of athletes out there who take their terminology seriously – the CrossFit crowd. Devotees of this discipline have a long list of lingo which would make listening in on one of their post-session conversations sound foreign to those who aren’t “in the know”.

Incorporating CrossFit into your run training is a great way to mix it up and improve your overall performance. But before you head to your local gym to sign up, prepare yourself with our favorite CrossFit terms and phrases.

Box: CrossFitters don’t go to the gym – they go to the box. The box is the “temple of pain” that CrossFitters train in, and includes all the necessary equipment used for their day’s workout.

CrossFitter: As the name implies, this is the extremely motivated set you’ll find at the box, repeating grueling sets of burpees, jumps, lifts, squats and whatever else they’ve set as part of their daily workout (which incidentally, they call a WOD).

DUs: As if jumping rope 50 times in a row wasn’t tough enough, DUs are short for Double Unders – having the jump rope pass under your feet twice, making your recess double-dutch from back in the day seem pretty tame in comparison.

EMOM: Not to be confused with moms who stalk your Facebook feed. It’s short for Every Minute on the Minute, and means that athletes have to perform a set number of repetitions of a specific exercise(s) on the minute. Once the athlete is done, the rest of the minute is “rest”, until the next minute starts and the athlete has to perform the same exercise(s) again.

OG: Hate to ruin it for you, but the OG does not stand for Original Gangsters. OG means Open Gym, ie anytime there are no scheduled classes in a specific period, leaving the gym to be used by the box members to work out on their own. The OG can either be supervised by a coach, or unsupervised (no staff or coach at the gym). Going at it alone though? Now that’s gangster.

PR: You can ring the bell…as long as you’ve earned it! In CrossFit, this is an athlete’s personal record on a specific lift. In some boxes, athletes who perform a PR have a bell that  they ring to let everyone know that they’ve reached a new record.

RX:  CrossFitters take their daily dose of fitness very seriously. RX means  “as prescribed in the WOD”, i.e. NOT using alternative easier movements or lighter weights than the ones “prescribed” in the “Workout of the day”.

T2B:  The abbreviation of  “Toes to bar”, which is a movement where you hang from a bar and lift your legs until you touch the bar with your toes. Seriously, is there anything these hyper-motivated CrossFitters won’t challenge themselves with?

Workout names: For some reason, these innocuous sounding names are actually some of the most intense (ahem, insane) workouts you’ll find yourself doing in CrossFit.

  • Fran is a set of 21 thrusters and 21 pull-ups, followed by 15 thrusters and 15 pull-ups…etc.
  • Murph is the name of one of the toughest WODs we’ve ever heard of, consisting of a one-mile run followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 bodyweight squats, followed by another one-mile run just for kicks.
  • Grace is doing a set of 30 clean & jerks at 135 pounds (95 for women) as fast as possible, and her sis Isabel is 30 snatches for time instead of clean & jerks.

A special thanks goes out to Anna, our in-house CrossFit expert and trainer! How many of you do CrossFit? Do you have any terms to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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