10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Runs

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Regardless of whether you run on the regular or are just starting out, it’s easy to overlook some of the basics that make you a better runner. A reminder on how to improve on some part of your training never hurts, so we’ve compiled our top ten tips to give you a running start on beating your PBs and hitting your targets. Continue reading 10 Quick Tips to Improve Your Runs

Winning Without Losing: Share Your Top Tip to Win!

Balancing work and your personal life usually isn’t an easy task. We all want to be “winning” at everything; have perfect relationships, stay in awesome shape, and still be super-productive at work. But seriously, who has the time to stay on top of it all without neglecting at least one of these aspects? If you’re having a hard time juggling all this, we hear you, and we want to share a winning game plan. Continue reading Winning Without Losing: Share Your Top Tip to Win!

7 Ways to Un-Slump Your Slump

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Have you lost your luster for working out? It happens to the best of us and often times it’s harder to get our of your slump than to fight against succumbing to it. Luckily, Garry Stafford (who thinks cycling and math are one in the same) has seven helpful tips on how to pull yourself our of your exercise slump.  Continue reading 7 Ways to Un-Slump Your Slump

Where in the World Do You Break a Sweat?

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Oh, the places you can go! We know a lot of you travel and just because you’re in a different time zone doesn’t mean you drop your workout routine. When you find yourself on the other side of the globe, how do you know where to break a sweat? Tom Sims of the New York Times has figured it out and made it a little easier for others who find themselves in Paris. Continue reading Where in the World Do You Break a Sweat?

How To Make A Workout Playlist

How To Make A Workout Playlist

Music and sports just seem to go together. There’s nothing like a great song to give you the extra burst of energy you need to push through a rough workout. We’ve got a sure fire way to make sure you always have a great playlist every time you slip on your running shoes. All you need is the right placement of songs and you’ll be good to go! Continue reading How To Make A Workout Playlist

How to Soothe Sore Muscles

How To Soothe Sore Muscles

Muscle soreness isn’t fun. That run you did when you beat your personal best was fun though. If you’ve ever worked out you’ve experienced sore muscles here and there. It’s a sign that you’re challenging your body but don’t let those sore muscles challenge your willingness to workout the next day. Here are our four favorite ways to soothe sore muscles: Continue reading How to Soothe Sore Muscles

Post Work Workout Motivation

Stay Motivated
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After a long day of work it’s easy to want to go home and put your feet up. However, if you find yourself feeling guilty about skipping a workout but can’t muster the motivation after clocking out from your 9 – 5, then consider this blog post a friendly reminder of all the things you can do to stay motivated after a hard days work. Continue reading Post Work Workout Motivation

Getting Ready For A Marathon

For whatever reason, November is a big month for marathons. There have already been a number (Suntrust Richmond, Philadelphia, Athens, and Ticino to name a few), and there are more coming up.

With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our marathon training trips for those of you brave enough to be running this month, or any time after. Continue reading Getting Ready For A Marathon

Staying Positive, Staying Healthy

In light of Denmark’s newly instituted “fat tax”, wherein tax rates will correspond with the fat percentage of products, we spend some time analyzing the many theories and methods of incentivizing health. Products like Endomondo exist because staying healthy is not always easy, and incentives are clearly needed, but how best to implement them?

We live in a busy time, which often makes it hard to find the time and motivation to stay healthy. Also, many of us spend our days in front of monitors and sitting by a desk, which makes a concerted health effort even more important. Today, what is needed is an effective, productive health regimen that is rewarding to adhere to. Endomondo aims to help users create good habits and maintain them. For that, incentives must be put in place. Continue reading Staying Positive, Staying Healthy