Coming Soon: Some Windows Phone Love

WP announcement
As you have surely noticed if you have a Windows Phone, it has been a while since we last updated Endomondo on this platform. We’re happy to share with you that we will soon bring new features to the Windows Phone app. We expect the first release to come out in April and more will follow after that.

We invite you to help us prioritize. While we understand that you probably want the same feature set as we have on iOS and Android, we can’t deliver everything at once. We need to do this in phases and that’s why we’re asking for your opinion. So, mentioning one thing only, what should be our top priority on Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for your patience and continued support – and please keep the feedback coming at

New App Features For Windows Phone

News Release: Friend Feeds, Music Playlists and Live Tiles Now on the App for Windows Phone

Endomondo Sports Tracker turns the mobile phone into a full-fledged personal trainer and a social fitness partner. By leveraging Live Tiles and other features in Windows Phone 7.5, the latest version of Endomondo Sports Tracker gives fitness enthusiasts even more options for interactive, social workouts that are key to getting and staying active. Continue reading New App Features For Windows Phone

It’s All About Ten

Talk about a big ten—Android Market just passed ten billion downloads. They are taking the week to celebrate, with ten-themed deals on some of their applications. If ever there was a time to get Endomondo Pro, now is it, because for the next 24 hours and one more day within the next week, the app will be going down to $0.10 for Android users (or similar low price depending on currency)—the normal price is $3.99. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the exact date and time! Continue reading It’s All About Ten

We got selected for the Google I/O Developer Conference!

This week is going to be awesome. As we type, we are headed out to San Francisco to attend the Google I/O Developer Conference, which starts today. Why are we so proud? In addition to being fitness enthusiasts, we are also tech geeks and we were one of 25 developers selected to show off a little at this famous tech developer conference.

Continue reading We got selected for the Google I/O Developer Conference!

Endomondo gets even more motivating with ANT+ performance tracking

ANT+! Easily collect and transmit real-time data such as heart rate, speed, bike cadence and power to up your game and improve performance. It is an excellent way to stay motivated by seeing real-time data and results!

Available on both free and paid versions of Endomondo, it currently works on phones with a built-in ANT+ chip including Xperia arc, X8, X10 mini and X10 mini pro from SonyEricsson. Continue reading Endomondo gets even more motivating with ANT+ performance tracking

Heart rate integration ready for iPhone

Here’s the challenge when supporting 7 different OS platforms: As soon as one app gets a new feature, you have six other kids screaming for the same thing…

We love the screaming as it forces us to work harder and release faster but it’s still nice to be able to set a new checkmark every so often. We’re currently awaiting approval from Apple and as soon as we get it, we got heart rate integration on iPhone covered in both the free and PRO version. Continue reading Heart rate integration ready for iPhone

Heart rate integration ready for BlackBerry

Our BlackBerry users have been lobbying for heart rate integration for a while now and the day has finally come! Both the free and the paid version of Endomondo for BlackBerry support heart rate integration as of today.

For this to work, you need to strap a physical device around your chest and you can use both the Polar WearLink®+ transmitter with Bluetooth® and the Zephyr Heart Rate Monitor HxM™ Bluetooth™. Both of these devices are available in our shop. Continue reading Heart rate integration ready for BlackBerry

Endomondo on Android taken to a new level – and it’s all free!

We’ve promised you a release every day from Monday to Thursday this week and we’ll start out with some exciting Android news!

We’ve released three new killer features in the free app for Android: Beat a friend, Compete on a route and Manual entry. With the first two of these features, we’re taking a giant step towards making sports more social without giving up flexibility. It enables you to compete against friends or local Endos that you don’t know (yet) without being constrained by having to work out at a specific time. Continue reading Endomondo on Android taken to a new level – and it’s all free!

Auto-pause ready on Windows Phone 7

Android and iPhone users have had it for a while. And we know the rest of you want it too. Auto-pause is now ready for Windows Phone users. The feature makes sure that time is automatically paused if you stop moving during a workout – this would typically be because a red light is holding you back. The app will resume when you start moving again.

With Windows Phone users satisfied, the main platforms missing this feature are BlackBerry and Symbian and we are on it!