Summer Fun


Last month, we got the idea to see if our users had any special summer workout plans, so we asked our Facebook Fans if they had anything “exotic” scheduled. It turns out that “exotic” is in the eye of the beholder, as is “summer” for that matter!

From the warm beaches of Aruba to the cold top of Mount Mulanje in Malawi, Endomondo users are exercising all over the world, in every condition. This July, the most frequent condition in Europe seemed to be rain, which led to many of our fans suggesting that at this point, a break in the precipitation would be a vacation in itself. So, up North, the rain was making it seem like summer had not truly arrived — one man from New York wondered if it got “more exotic than my basement?” — yet users were still hiking and riding through the rain. Down South of course, it was actually winter, but that didn’t stop our users, as they ran up Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, or ran on the beaches in Uruguay and Australia.

Whether you are swimming the Mediterranean or riding your bike from London to Paris, we hope that you all will keep us posted on the places, exotic and mundane, that you are taking Endomondo.

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