Steven, a Father Running for a Noble Goal



As a new parent, there’s probably nothing more alarming than having your child become sick and not being able to figure out why. Early this year, one of our users and proud parent, Steven, experienced just that. Without warning, Steven’s 10-week-old daughter Jasmine started having cold-like symptoms. He and his partner Tanja rushed her to their local hospital where she stayed overnight with what seemed to be a severe cold.

Worried something more serious was going on, Steven started researching his daughter’s symptoms and decided to seek a second opinion. After seeing a specialist, it turned out that she was suffering from a rare condition known as subglottic hemangioma, by which a birthmark under her chin began to grown inwardly, causing her airways to narrow and leaving a just small slit for her to breathe through. Not wanting to be far from their daughter during her treatment, Steven and Tanja stayed in a room at Crawford House at the RVI provided by the The Sick Children’s Trust.

stevenstrollerSteven says he feels an enormous debt of gratitude for the help provided by the Trust, and so he decided to do something to repay it. Now, Steve is taking on 12 challenging races where he’ll cover over 100 miles to raise funds and awareness for the Sick Children’s Trust to thank the charity for helping them in their hour of need. According to Steven “Hand on heart, I hadn’t heard of The Sick Children’s Trust before I needed them, so through my fundraising I hope to raise more awareness of the service they provide.”

Steven is currently running towards his fundraising goal as Team Midge. He is already halfway through his 12 races, and more than halfway through his goal. If you want to support Team Midge, you can donate to his project via JustGiving or SMS. To follow up on Steven’s adventure, check out his Facebook page and website. Also, be sure to check out his Endomondo profile to keep up with his races!

We’re proud of you, Steven, and we wish you, your family and The Sick Children’s Trust all the best in this noble goal.

– The Endomondo Team

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