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Over the past months, we’ve been on a mission – to revamp our workout page by making it better than ever, and able to meet the needs of our growing community. A few weeks back, we started rolling out the updated workout page, and got a lot of good feedback from our community, so thanks! We took in all the feedback you sent us and got to work. Now, we’d like to invite you to be among the first to try your new workout page, so you can share your thoughts on it before we roll it out to everyone.

This was the first major redesign we’ve done on web in a long time and this means that there were a lot of adjustments to be made both to the design and to the system. Our goal is to make it easy and engaging for you to analyze your performance on every workout, and get a true sense of your achievements and progress whenever you visit your page regardless of whether you’re on mobile, tablet or desktop. With so many of you (and your friends) visiting the page from mobile and social, we wanted to make sure your achievements are always front and center.

To get a feel for what’s new, check out the highlights of the vibrant new design.

Choose your calendar view:
Toggle between the daily summary layout and iconic layout to get an overview of how active you’ve been at a glance. If you’re on a training plan, your scheduled runs will also be visible in the overview.

See the highlights of your workout:
All your stats are neatly stacked next to your route. If you’re a Premium user, you’ll have a full overview including weather information. If you’ve taken any pictures, they will get pride of place so that your workout has a more personal touch. You’ll also be able to edit your workout from the drop-down menu.

Keep tabs on your performance:
Switch between tabs to get a clear overview of your performance. Toggle your preferred Analysis metrics, check out your best Lap times with bold new visuals while using the drop-down option to select the distances you want to compare, and pinpoint when and where you hit your stride on your Best distance tab.

Zone in on your Heart Rate:
Find out what percentage of time you spent in each zone and hone your training to improve your focus. This is only available for Premium users and will be visible with your Premium badge.



Add hashtags, comments, and more:
Adding and checking hashtags has never been easier or clearer, and the same goes for all the fun comments and pep talks from friends.

We are really excited about this relaunch, and we hope you are too! Our work isn’t over yet though, so we’ll be rolling out some additional updates soon.

Your personal bests will be more visible, and we’re currently working on addressing Twitter sharing and more, so please stay tuned. The workout page is only available in English right now, but we’ll be adding more languages over the coming weeks.

As always, please share your feedback here so we can continue to make your workout page even better.

Free your endorphins!
The Endomondo Team

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