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Update: Thanks for all your helpful feedback on the recent changes. We’ve now re-enabled the classic workout page view. For news on our latest update, please read more here.

The next time you visit your workout page on our website, you might be surprised to see that things have changed. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new workout page, and we hope you’ll start exploring it getting used to the new look and feel. Since we know many of you are viewing your workouts on tablet, we’ve redesigned the page to make it more responsive and dynamic. The fresh new design also puts more focus on your workout summary and stats, so you can get a better overview when you visit it, and then if you want, you can dive deeper to get more details on your workouts. So, let’s get a closer look the new workout page and everything that will make using it a smoother experience.

Coming full circle
The first thing that will pop out at you is your new calendar. It’s color coded so you can easily check your workouts at a glance. Each circle shows a breakdown of your workouts for the day by sport, and the total time you worked out. If you’re a runner, you’ll be seeing a lot of green, but if you mix it up, you’ll have splashes of all your sports in your monthly overview. When you’re on a training plan, you’ll be able to see your corresponding workouts with the distance right in the smaller circles next to your main ones. The new design will also make it easier to attach a workout to your training plans. Anytime you hover over the calendar, you’ll see the additional information about your workouts pop up. Your calendar lets you change the date you’re viewing by simply clicking or tapping on the current month and year. If you want to close your calendar, just click on the calendar tab at the bottom and it will collapse, displaying your latest workout instead. Though if you just want to check a specific workout from your calendar, simply click on it to be taken to your workout view.

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Working it
Your most recent workout is the first one that comes up, and on it,  you’ll see your top stats  – distance, duration and calories. The title will describe the type of sport you tracked, along with the time and date. If you tagged a friend or friends, their names will show up too. Want to share the workout on Facebook? We’ve got you covered. Just click on the Facebook icon and your workout will automatically be shared on your timeline. Maybe you took some awesome new snapshots of your workout and forgot to add them. No sweat! Click on the camera icon and you’ll be able to add new pictures and edit your current ones in a snap. Any hashtags that you’ve added on a workout will show up on the workout summary, along with comments you’ve made on it. Your full workout summary will show up in a sleek display right next to the map of your workout route. You can edit your workout from the drop-down menu, and export routes, change privacy settings and do lots more.

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Getting Analytical
After your summary, you can go out all on digging into your performance stats. Your stats are broken down into three separate tabs for easy viewing. The main tab displays a graph including various stats such as distance, pace, and altitude. You can opt to only have one stat visible, or have multiple stats selected for a more comprehensive graph.  Hovering over the graph will give you detailed insights throughout your workout, and you’ll also see where you were at that specific time right in the route map. The laps tab will show your times on each lap and also add your slowest and fastest times with your turtle and hare icons. Your best distances tab will be displayed based on when you did them in the workout, making it easier to see when you actually hit your stride. Hovering over those will also make them be highlighted in your route map.

analytics highlight


Zoning in
If you’re Premium and you’ve tracked your workout with an HR Monitor, your heart rate zones will show up after your main performance stats. Your HR zones analysis includes the minutes and percentage of time spent in each zone. The average and maximum heart rate for that workout will be highlighted next to the analysis. Since this is a Premium feature, it will be highlighted with your Premium badge. All the social feedback your friends added to your workout will be there at the end of your workout stats, so go ahead and answer your friends cheering you on from there.

hr highlight


We hope you enjoy your new workout page, and get to know it better over the next few days. We are planning to add more features to keep on improving it for you, so as always, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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