Running Ahead of the Curve


We are getting ready for our next run up! Last month it was sunny Barcelona and this month it’s sunny Orlando, Florida on March 22! We are there for CTIA Wireless working, but why not have a run too! As we were planning this Run up, we started to think about the reasons we keep having these run ups and thought we would share a few thoughts with you.

Conceptualizing Endomondo, we wanted to to create a stronger connection between technology, the human spirit and the fitness community. Many sports applications can track a person’s training records and generate graphs and numbers, but Endomondo is more than that. Using all the technology we had at our disposal, we wanted to create an app you could train with as an individual, but would do more than just track your miles — we wanted to create a social fitness app that would bring people together and motivate more and more people to participate and enjoy fitness activities around the world.  This is why Endomondo runs on more platforms and more smartphones than any other fitness app out there.  And this is why you see Endomondo being used by events like World Run II and other fitness events around the world.

So what are you saying? Get social with your fitness app. Download the free Endomondo app from our Download page and start running!

And remember, if you are in Orlando on Tuesday, March 22, come out and join us for a Run Up at the Orange County Convention Center. We will start at 5:30 pm and you can meet us next to the main entrance of the conference center. We’ll be wearing our Endomondo black arm bands, so you can’t miss us!

Sign up here on Endomondo or on Facebook.

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