Recruit 10 New Endos and Get a Free Running Tee from Endomondo


As with many other things in life, Endomondo is just more fun when you’re among friends. A lot of you have asked us to make it easier for you to invite your friends to join us. With new features for both Outlook and Facebook invitations, we now have 5 easy ways to invite friends to join: Via Facebook, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or simply by email address.

We want to celebrate these new features by creating a new kind of challenge: 

Be among the first 100 Endos to recruit 10 new users and get a free running tee from Endomondo’s Sportswear collection.*

If you’re among the first 100 to reach 10 recruited Endos, we’ll send you an email and ask for your postal address and preferred size.

Go to Friends & Teams and click on Invite Friends to get started. Once you have recruited the first friend, there will be a counter showing you how many Endos, you’ve recruited so far. Please note that for a friend to count, he or she needs to sign up on Endomondo with the same email address that you sent the invitation to. We realize that a lot of you invited a bunch of friends to join by simply telling them about Endomondo. We are truly grateful for this but we cannot keep track of these recruits for technical reasons.

One way or the other, we hope you’ll help us spread the word about Endomondo! 

*The same user cannot receive more than one tee.

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