Race against friends and foes and become Route Champion!


Race against friends and foes and become Route Champion!

Wow…as avid cyclists and runners we have been looking forward to introducing our new Route Champion feature for a long, long time. We have been working with the organizers of the Road Race World Championship 2011 to get the concept just right. Now the first step is here!

Up until now, we have seen friends all over the World compete in various challenge – in our global challenges but also just amongst friends. From today, you get to compete in not only who can run faster or burn the most calories but in who’s faster on a particular route. And not only that, while you are out, your phone will serve as a route navigator! We hope this will help you find likeminded in your neighborhood to compete with. 

How do I become a Route Champion?
Just go to Routes on our website and find the route you want to compete on. Select a workout that you did on that route and you are in. Now you can compare your performance to friends and foes!

Use your BlackBerry as a route navigator
Go to Routes, select any route that you find interesting to try out and select Download to your BlackBerry. Next time you open up the app, the route will appear on your Route list on your phone. Set the route as a goal and off you go. When you click on the map, it now shows your position on the route. It’s that easy. As a bonus, you automatically join the Route Champion competition on the chosen route.

It’s currently available for BlackBerry devices only (app version 7.0), but don’t worry, we will bring this feature on to Android, iPhone and Nokia later on.

We will check in shortly with more news as we have some very, very exciting stuff coming up in October.

Talk to you soon,


Illustration of Route Champions concept:

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