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3 Reasons We Love Eggs (Plus, 3 Recipes to Try Today!)


Eggs. A nutritional wonder food, a philosophical paradox, and a culinary staple; what’s not to love about them? There’s limitless possibility with egg-based dishes. You can keep it simple by hard-boiling, poaching, scrambling, frying, baking, and microwaving. Or go fancy with frittatas, quiches, meringues, flans, and souffles. We think eggs are so great that we’ve decided they deserve some eggxtra appreciation. Here, we whipped up 3 reasons why we love eggs, plus some delicious recipes so you can get in on the fun too. Continue reading 3 Reasons We Love Eggs (Plus, 3 Recipes to Try Today!)

Let the Stars Be Your Guide to Your Fitness

astral fitness

We’re always looking for new ways to help you get the most out of your fitness. Training plans, intervals, and other great features are all aimed at improving every workout to help you achieve your physical fitness goals. But what about transcending the physical and taking your fitness to stellar heights? If you’ve dreamed of having your app help predict your fitness future based on your zodiac sign, it’s your lucky day.    Continue reading Let the Stars Be Your Guide to Your Fitness

Running with Fight to Shed Light on Mental Illness

Yvie - Running to Set a World Record

Though you may not always hear about the prevalence of mental illness, the stats concerning it simply can’t be ignored. One-in-four adults will experience a mental health problem within any given year. One-in-ten young people will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Nine-in-ten people with mental health problems experience stigma and discrimination.

About a year ago, one of our users, a former police officer, mother-of-3, design student, illustrator and multi-discipline athlete, Yvie, became one of those statistics. On April 23rd 2015, she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. This didn’t come as a surprise, but it did rock her foundations and caused her to question her very existence. Continue reading Running with Fight to Shed Light on Mental Illness

This Is How One Crew Runs the Night

London's Midnight Runners Club

It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.

That’s the mantra that Under Armour athletes and runners across our communities have embraced to shine the spotlight on their training and forego the kind of distractions that could take the focus off of their workout. But, what does it really mean to go dark?  For these athletes, going dark is about skipping that Friday party, missing out on a chance to hang out with friends, pushing themselves to their limits, and making sacrifices in pursuit of those moment of glory. Continue reading This Is How One Crew Runs the Night

The Winners of the #TrackYourArt Contest Are…

Track Your Art

Last month, we launched our #TrackYourArt contest and asked you to enter your most artistic route. The workouts have been done, the routes have been run (or biked, or walked). Now it’s time to reveal which ones among them have been chosen as the best of the best. Narrowing the choices down wasn’t easy since there were tons of great entries, ranging from the bark side to proclamations of love to old Hollywood, and all the way to SPARTA!

We even got a special video shoutout from a group of marathoners from Hungary cheering for their friend’s run and we loved how they embraced #SquadGoals. Continue reading The Winners of the #TrackYourArt Contest Are…

Women of Will—Changing the Rules of the Game

You’re too curvy to be a dancer. You’ll never make it as a model. It’s crazy to leave your career for a dream.

Imagine being hit by these words when you set out to pursue your goals. It would cause some to break. But for this year’s Women of Will, it just made their resolution stronger. The only rules these inspirational women are bound by are the ones they’ve set for themselves. They take the concept of “Rule Yourself” to heart, and have forged their own path to success, despite being told it wasn’t in the cards for them. Continue reading Women of Will—Changing the Rules of the Game

Heart Rate Training Decoded

Heart Rate Training - UA

You’ve probably heard that heart rate training is important, but do you know how to use it or why you should? According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, your heart rate provides insight into how efficiently you’re training, and gives you a way to quantify improvements. All you need to do is crunch a few numbers to get your maximum heart rate and figure out which training zones you should target.

Before you start taking your pulse or strapping on a heart rate monitor, there are a few things you should know. Continue reading Heart Rate Training Decoded

Turn the Streets Into Your Canvas

Route Art Contest

Did you ever track an awesome route, look at your map, and think “this is a work of art!”? Every day, your workouts (purposely or by chance) create some of the most inspiring GPS-tracked artwork out there. We don’t want to let those artistic skills go to waste so we’re inviting you to join our Route Art contest and let your masterpieces shine. Continue reading Turn the Streets Into Your Canvas

3 Nutritional Powerhouses That Make Snacks Better

While labeling certain foods as “superfoods” is still up for debate, there’s no denying that there are some that pack in more nutrients gram for gram. Different types of leafy greens, berries, and beans are great sources of antioxidants, vitamins, and all the good things you need as part of a healthy diet to fuel those long workout sessions. Continue reading 3 Nutritional Powerhouses That Make Snacks Better