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Every month, we have been asking our Facebook fans a question about how they use Endomondo. This month we thought we would change it up and ask them to tell us why they like to work out, in poem form. The responses we got back were fantastic! Here are some of our favorites:

We really enjoyed Roberto’s submission because it was easy to relate to and had our favorite line from the posts, “I even hear my laces asking me why.”

Suzie’s was the only haiku, and gets bonus points that, but was also really nice.

Iwan chose to play with form in a different way, taking the classic “roses are red” formulae and adding a dash of the absurd.

Speaking of playing with style, we really like Andreas’ poem becauzzzz…

Martha’s poem was quite moving (pun not intended), and was our favorite “serious” post of the group.

And finally, we will leave you with a response tailored to the season.

You can read all the fun poems on the facebook page.

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