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As mentionod in the blog post ‘The story’, before starting Endomondo, we used to be generally frustrated by the fact that people using different stand alone fitness devices couldn’t share their experiences with each other. Friends who wanted to share their experiences basically had to use the same product to be able to do so, not to mention that most of these products were pretty expensive to begin with.

Now, even though we all came from individual sports, we always got better at what we did by training with other people. So for us, the social aspect of our sport was simply an extremely motivating factor and a continuing source of inspiration.

Now, changing a game that already exists is one thing, but our ambition is to take it one step further. We want to create a flexible, yet very sociable experience connecting people in the sports world in surprising ways that were unthinkable only in what seem yesterday. The social services of today’s web, we felt, did not match the possibilities and needs in the sports world.

So how does this starting point impact our vision of Endomondo and the choices that we make every day in more practical terms?

Well for one, technology should never be a barrier for joining Endomondo. In practical terms this means that Endomondo has to work on all mobile platforms supporting GPS enabled phones. This is why you can use Endomondo on basically every GPS enabled mobile phone on the market, be it your iPhone, Android phone, Nokia phone, Blackberry, Windows Phone etc.

Secondly, even the phone itself should not be a barrier either. This, for instance, is why we have our fully automatic integration with Garmin GPS watches.

Thirdly, the quality of our app and the core features should match the best in class stand-alone devices. As an example, this means that we keep improving the tracking quality through continuous iterations based on user feedback and we simply do not believe that a problem exist that we cannot solve. This, however, goes further than the quality of data. Looking at the feature side for example, this is why we have just launched integration with heart rate monitors (June 2010). Going forward, this is also why we will launch features, both on the mobile and on the web, aiming to go beyond what the world of sports has been used to so far.

Lastly, but most importantly, we do not believe that we are smart enough to get there on our own. This is why we go out of our way to listen to and respond to each and every single feedback or support mail and any Facebook or Twitter message that you send us. The feedback that you give us is our daily reality check.

So…feel free to share your opinion by leaving a comment and don’t hesitate to write us an email should you feel the urge to do so. We’ll make sure to check in with you guys regularly on our blog with updates and news from the Endomondo lab going forward.

Take care until then,

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