One question. 400 replies. And then two words: Thank you!


About a month ago, we posted a question on Facebook asking you guys which app and web feature you’re missing the most on Endomondo. We got an overwhelming 400 replies on Facebook and by email! Thank you so much for this valuable input!

We’ve read every single answer and we’ve made a count to see which of the suggested features were the most popular. Prioritizing is always a pain since there really are at least 100 features that we would like to see in Endomondo but you made it a whole lot easier – thank you! 

Your feedback is now included in our development plan and you will start seeing answers to your prayers in just a few days.

We’ll be at the Mobile World Congress from Monday and we’re marking our presence there by releasing a new feature every day of the 4-day conference. Since we have five announcements, we may even start tomorrow.

There will be some web love and there will certainly be some app love. Stay tuned!

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