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Motivations NEW

Did you beat your friend’s personal best? Or completed a 3km running test?

We think that your friends should know so they can cheer on and support you.  Or complain about how fast you’ve gotten that you managed to beat their PB 🙂

That’s why we made a new website feature – Motivations in the News Feed.

These motivations will show up in your friends’ and yours newsfeed, if you select (instead of  a Basic workout) one of these options:

– Set a goal (distance, time or calories)

– Beat a friend

– Follow a route

– Beat yourself

– Fitness test

Check out the screenshots, if you e.g. beat your friend’s PB, this information will show up as:

“Managed to beat the personal record of M.P. for 5km (23m:07s), by 0m:55s”

All motivations will be displayed in the news feed while you’re tracking.

However, some of the motivations: Beat yourself and Calorie/Distance/Time Goals will be shown in the News Feed only if you complete the goal.

Motivations in the News Feed is a website-only feature but we will include it into Android and iPhone app in the future.

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