New Website Feature: Copy a Friend’s Workout



We expanded the feature we have introduced 2 months ago – tagging friends you’ve done a workout with. It is now possible to copy a workout of your friends, which has been one of the most requested features by Endomondo users.
If your friend tagged you in a workout, you can just copy the workout and it will show up among your workouts.
You can also copy a workout if you haven’t been tagged. Just access your friend’s workout, press “request a copy” and wait until your friend approves this request.
There are certain information which will not appear in a copied workout. Heart rate data, pictures, notes and status message will never be included. Other information like duration and speed will be visible only if privacy settings allow it.
We hope that we just gave you another good reason to exercise with your friends. Have fun and let us know how you like this feature!

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