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New Sports Endomondo App Update 16.8

We’re dedicating our latest update to the multi-sport athlete in us all. We may not all win medals for our athletic feats, but being able to practice, log, and share our favorite sports is something we all can do and get due credit for.

The latest update for Android and iOS version 16.8 comes packed with over a dozen new sports to choose from.

Your new sports line up

Who ever said 13 was an unlucky number? Our latest release gives you 13 sports ranging from Stand Up Paddling to Ski Touring, to help you transition from tracking your favorite summer sports all the way through winter without missing a session.

Kick Scooter - new sports v 16.81. Kick Scooter

For those times where your need for speed and agility around the city can’t be fulfilled walking, jogging or on a bike, you can now zip around and track all your kick scooter sessions. Get ready to roll out!

Stand Up Paddling - new sports v 16.82. Stand Up Paddling

Fans of SUP can now track it as a standalone sport instead of kayaking or surfing. Fun fact: this sport originated in Hawaii, where it’s known as Hoe he’e nalu. Tagging your SUP sessions in native Hawaiian optional.

Trail Running - new sports v 16.83. Trail Running

Take the road less traveled and explore nature to the fullest while you track your trail runs. If you’re planning on doing an Ultra-marathon or just want to make sure you don’t mix run terrains, remember to track your trails accordingly.

Indoor Rowing - new sports v 16.84. Indoor Rowing

Those rowing sessions at the gym can be pretty grueling, so you’ll now be able to log your indoor rowing workouts as a separate sport.

Floorball - new sports v 16.85. Floorball

No matter what you call this variant of hockey—salibandy, innebandy, unihockey or floorball, fans of the sport can now enjoy tracking or logging it with Endomondo and use notes to keep score.

Roller Skating - new sports v 16.86. Roller Skating

First introduced by John Merlin in the 1760’s, roller skating is just as good a way to get around while getting some cardio in today as it was back then. Both on skates and blades, enjoy tracking indoor roller skating workouts as one of your new sports.

Ice Skating - new sports v 16.87. Ice Skating

Speed, touring, or figure. Whichever your flavor, ice skating is now a trackable sport on Endomondo. To keep your loops from your grapevines, use the hashtag feature to filter your ice skating sessions.

Ski Touring - new sports v 16.88. Ski Touring / Randonnée

Go beyond the slopes as you make your way through the ski trails with the latest addition to our new sports roster, ski touring.

Jumping Rope - new sports v 16.89. Rope Jumping

Whether part of your warm-up routine, your workout of the day, agility training, or just a quick cardio boost, jumping rope is a great activity that merits its own entry in your workout history. For a quick 15-minute jump rope workout, try this one out.

Stretching - - new sports v 16.810. Stretching

Stretching plays an essential role in keeping you in top shape, so you can take on your workouts while staying injury-free. Try some of these great post-workout stretches during your next session and these mobility exercises instead of static stretching to warm up properly.

Canicross Running - new sports v 16.811. Canicross

If your canine pal also happens to be your running partner, you’ll now be able to track those runs with your four-legged friend and keep track of the distance you cover together. Remember to follow these tips to make each canicross session better for you and your dog.

Paragliding - new sports v 16.812. Paragliding

Tracking reaches (literal) new heights with the addition of paragliding to our new sports list. And if you find yourself without a data connection, fear not. You can track your flight using only your GPS and see the workout when you’re back in range.

Paddle - new sports v 16.813. Paddle 

Rounding out our list of new sports, we’ve added paddle to give fans of the sport a way to track that doesn’t involve logging tennis but does give you a way to track your time spent on the court.

How to track your new sports

For those of you new to tracking and logging, here’s a quick guide on how to make the most of your new sports and track all your activities.

Choosing a sport

Endomondo Android App Workout Screen   Endomondo iOS App Workout Screen

On Android and iOS, simply launch your app and from the workout screen. Then, tap the sport menu (icon) to scroll through the list and select your sport. If you want to manually log a sport, simply tap the workout type menu and select “manual entry”. After that, tap the sport and scroll through the list to find the sport you want to log.

Tracking unlisted sports

Your favorite sport isn’t on the list? Not a problem. Simply choose a similar sport and use the hashtag feature to keep track of your specific activity by adding the # of the sport in your notes. You’ll then be able to filter your sports by that hashtag and keep track of your history. If you want to see new sports added to future updates, please submit a request we can continue to make your tracking options better.

We hope you enjoy our latest update and tracking all these new sports. If you haven’t already done so, go update your app to see your new sports in-app.

As always, free your endorphins!
The Endomondo Team

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