New Premium Feature: Training Plans


We’re thrilled to introduce Training Plans at Endomondo and provide you with a better tool to reach your fitness goals. For starters, we launched a Beta version of Training Plans for runners. This new and much requested addition to Endomondo is now available for all Premium members but other users can try it out for free too – we will get back to this later on.

Training Plan’s Value 
Training Plans are in line with our continuous effort to make it more engaging and motivating to workout. Whether you’re just starting out or have been running for decades, there is a benefit for you in using a training plan:

  • Highly customizable to your goal and suitable for all runners at any level
  • All distances from 5K to marathon included
  • Updates dynamically if you improve faster or slower than anticipated
  • Includes a calendar overview of planned workouts on web and app (iPhone and Android)
  • Integrates with your audio coach to provide feedback while running (iPhone and Android)
  • Unlimited access to Training Plans as a Premium member

Reach Your Running Goal with a Personal Training Plan 
There are a few steps to generate a training plan. You start with selecting your goal, e.g. if you want to be faster on 10K or become able to run 5K. How far you currently run on a weekly basis is taken into consideration.
Next step is fitness assessment, which helps us choose the right combination of workouts and training intensity for your plan. There are several ways you can enter your current level. It can be based on recent personal records, current running pace or finish time of recent race.
As a result, we will recommend you a certain training plan, e.g. Couch to 5K.
The training setup is finalized by choosing start and end date, notification time of the day and which weekdays (3 days are the minimum) you want to train. The duration of training plan can vary from one month up to half a year.


PhoneOnce a Training Plan is generated through the website, the experience extends to the app.
Notifications are being sent to you when you have a planned workout. These can of course be disabled. When the Endomondo app is launched, you will see the planned workout for that particular day.
In the main app menu, you’ll find the Training Plan tab, where you can see all the past and future workouts within your training plan.
To help users accomplish their fitness goals as effectively as possible, we work with diverse interval trainings to enhance variety and intensity of the training plan.
The Audio Coach will guide you through the workout, by informing you when each interval starts and how fast to go. This will help you follow your training plan.

Heads Up about Upcoming Price Change 
We’ve worked on Training Plans for months and we believe it will be a great value-add for our users. Rather than charging for each program separately, we prefer to include the feature in our Premium package so that Premium users can generate as many programs as they like at no extra cost. As part of this, we want to give you a heads up about a price change that is planned to take effect in the fourth quarter of 2013. At that time, the cost of Premium will increase to $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year. Users that are already Premium members by the time of the price change, will not be affected, and will continue paying the current price ($2.99 and $19.99 respectively) as long as they continue their subscription.

Try Endomondo Premium and Training Plans for FREE 
We invite all Endomondo users to try our new Training Plans. You will get a FREE 1 Month Premium membership if you subscribe to Endomondo Premium with this coupon code: “TRAINING-PLAN” before September 15, 2013.  Note that the code can only be redeemed on our website and not from the app. After your trial period has ended, your subscription will continue at the regular price unless you unsubscribe.


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