New Feature: Workout Tagging



To all the gear and stats geeks – you can go crazy and tag your workouts as you like with customized workout tags. That means that you can keep track of your total mileage done with your sportsgear, what surface you track on, or anything else you can think of.

How does workout tagging work?
You can tag your workouts by using the ”Add a tag” field on the Workout page at, or you can use a #hashtag in the Title, Notes or Social Status Update when you fill in these.

Let’s say you go for a trail run in your new shoes, and you want to keep track of your total mileage in those shoes. Then right in the app (Android, iPhone and BlackBerry 10), after hitting stop, you can use the Social Status Update field and add custom tags like: “First #trailrun in my new #Speedcross3 shoes – very good grip.” Then #trailrun and #Speedcross3 will be tagged on the workout (check out the screenshot), which you can see when you look at the workout at

As a Premium member, you also get the option to filter and see statistics for your tags at At the Statistics page you can filter your stats based on the tags you have added to your workouts, to see e.g. total mileage put in your running shoes, total duration biked with a chain, personal best development when doing trailrunning, or something else you have tagged and want to track.

In the History list view you can search for workouts with specific tags for quick access and comparison of these workouts. See more info here.

Go tagging!

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