New Android App Update Offers Audio Coach Customization, a Step Counter and More


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We released a NEW update of the Android app – version 8.4.2. The new Audio Coach customization accommodates the two most requested features on our forum. We’re also bringing multiple languages and voices to the Audio Coach, a Step Counter, and the ability to view friends’ workouts and cadence directly in the app.You now have access to:

Audio Coach customization (PRO feature)

You can now not only customize what you hear in the audio coach feedback but also specify how often you receive feedback, based on either distance or duration.

You can hear feedback for any combination of the following parameters: Distance, Duration, Calories, Lap Pace, Lap Speed, Average Pace, Average Speed, Heart Rate, Average Heart Rate, Cadence, Average Cadence, and feedback on your goals during and when you’ve reached your goal.

Step Counter (PRO feature)

The Step Counter (Pedometer) uses the accelerometer to measure steps. It works both indoors and outdoors. There are 2 ways to use the step counter: you can choose the “Step Counter” sport in the sport list, or you can choose a walking type sport (walking, hiking, fitness walking). If you choose a walking type sport and use GPS, steps will be counted automatically in addition to the distance being based on GPS. If you choose the sport “Step Counter”, which was designed for indoor use, GPS will be disabled automatically in order to save the battery.

View cadence in graphs (PRO feature)

To meet the needs of Endo cyclists, the cadence, alongside lap times, speed, altitude and heart rate, is now displayed in the graphs. This feature requires that you use cadence tracking device, alongside with our app.

Audio Coach languages and voices

With this new release, most of our users can enjoy audio coach feedback in their native language. The Android app supports multiple languages, and you can decide if you prefer free Pico voices or high quality paid voices from Svox.

We support at the moment the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Korean (we plan to add more languages later). Please note that some of these languages have to be purchased from SVOX.

View friends’ workouts from your news feed or friends list

The development of this feature signals a further shift in bringing more website features into the app. The details of your Endomondo friends’ workouts are visible right in the app and accessible from the news feed or friends list.

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