Monday, Sweaty Monday?


Robert - sweaty mondayWe asked our users, what’s your favorite Monday workout to fire up a new week? The results of our little survey show that many like to start a week with a solid run, just like our colleague Robert, who is gracing the picture after an 8K run โ€“ no fake sweat was added. According to the answers we got, run can come in many diverse forms:
Helin: A good run to blow away either the cobwebs or my stresses
Matt: Usually run a 5 K try to beat my time from the previous week
Steffen: It’s Half-Marathon-Monday… :>
Carlos: An airplane run… From 1A to 36E
Jacob: Relay race to the coffee brewer…

Some users take a day off from exercising instead of pushing it and indulge on food and drinks:
Matthew: 6 miles and beer!
Claudio: Steak and fries.
Michael: Opening a bottle of chokolate milk…. glurk glurk glurkkk… arrhhh

These guys are all for mixing it up, which is a great way how to prevent boredom:
Andrew: 10mile bike ride followed by a 2mile run. Laying down the foundations for my first ever triathlon later in the year.
Krzysiek : Right leg out of the bed, then back because it’s too cold outside. Lie down quietly for 5 minutes, then turn on your belly and put your left leg out of the bed. Decide if it’s got warmer, then proceed accordingly. If both legs are successfully out of the bed, try to apply the routine to your upper body.
Henrik: 2 K swimming, sauna, shave, relax

Getting fresh air and some exercise while fighting the weather is in our opinion a win-win situation:
Melissa: Today wasn’t my favorite, but I got plenty of exercise shoveling snow.

And what is your favorite way to start a new week?

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