Merging our PRO and free app into one on iPhone


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Starting this week, we are simplifying our user experience by merging our PRO and free app on iPhone into one. We want to underline that we are not taking away any features from PRO users and the PRO app will still be functional.

If you are a PRO user on iPhone, we kindly ask you to download our free app and use that in the future. When you log in to the free app, it will recognize you and unlock all PRO features – and you will not be bothered by banner ads. Also, your historical data is stored on our servers and will be available to you in the free app once you log in. We recommend you verify that your data is available in the free app before deleting the PRO app from your phone.

We’ll grant all iPhone PRO users who transitions to the free iPhone app one month free Premium for the trouble – the free month will start automatically once you log in to the free app and you do not need to provide any payment data.

Thank you so much for your support.

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