Meet the New Endomondo for Android


You know how you workout extra hard to show off your beach bod once summer rolls around? Well, we’ve been working extra hard on our appearance lately too. Our Android app got a makeover and we really hope you like the new look!

There are several reasons for updating the look and feel. First of all, we’ve listened to all the user feedback and even though our users are generally very happy with our Android app (average rating is 4.5+ out of 5), we wanted to do better. Secondly, we wanted the Endomondo experience to be consistent with the experience on other apps on Android and therefore, we’ve done our best to implement the new design guidelines on the platform. Last but not least, the old navigation did not allow us to add the cool features we have planned for the future. The new navigation and design will, so stay tuned!

Below is an overview of the main changes and the specific user feedback we’re addressing:


Pause the workout before stopping it:
A lot of users have reported that they sometimes accidentally stop a workout because the Stop button is just one click away. The new Play/Pause/Stop button makes this much less likely to happen.


Toggle between summary showing total distance, total duration and total calories for days with more than one workout
This new feature will quickly give you an overview of your totals on days with two or more workouts.

Get a better overview of the summary for each workout
We’ve spiced up the workout summary to give you a better overview of your performance.


Rate routes and view the overall ratings in percent as well as the number of likes/dislikes
We have so many routes on Endomondo by now that we’ve almost lost count. To help you find the best ones, you can now see the overall rating of routes and you can rate routes yourself.

See who of your friends also followed a route
When you click on a route, you can see who else of your friends have been out following that specific route.

Manage your favorite routes
Tag and un-tag your favorite routes so you can easily access them from the app.

View Best Time and Distance to Route for each route 
We’ve added two new pieces of information to our routes. One is the Best Time, i.e., what is the best performance on the route yet and another is the distance to the route from where you are located right now – this comes in handy if you want to follow a route nearby.


Get a better overview of friends’ activities
We’ve changed the design to make it more clear what your friends have been up to and which peptalks and comments they‘ve received.

Publish workout notes in news feed
Workout notes added from our website are now being published in the news feed of the app. We’ve added this feature to make sure that you have a tool for sharing your bad excuses when you don’t perform as expected 😉

Click on a friend in the news feed to see his or her workout list
We’ve added a new feature to allow you to see what your friends have been up to from within the app.

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