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Hike it baby hiking group

Think becoming a new parent means that you have to put your training on hold? Think again. We came across one of our users, Anca, a trailblazing member of “Hike it, Baby”; an organization whose mission is to “get families on the trails with their new little ones, with a special focus on new moms”. Their main rule on every hike is “leave no mama behind” to foster a feeling of safety amongst all the hiking parents.

Anca reached out to us, telling us about her impressive post-baby fitness regime. “I’ve used Endomondo for every walk & hike I did with my baby since he was born and while it took a while to get back into shape, after one year I was finally at the fitness level I used to be pre-baby.”  She is an amazing user, and we are in awe of her dedication to staying in shape and of how she included her baby boy in her fitness. As a contributor to Hike it Baby’s blog, she has also been a great ambassador of our app, and she filled us in on Hike it Baby and their activities.

When we heard about this intrepid group of new moms who are hitting the trails with their kids, we couldn’t wait to share their brilliant initiative, hoping it will inspire more of you to follow suit and get out there with your families. If you’re a new parent, you might often feel that you don’t have the time or energy to work out.

The balancing act between work, home and new baby duties can make it easy to neglect your fitness. But, as we always say, fitness is more fun when it’s shared, and this is especially true when a baby comes along. Hike it Baby seems to have figured out that by uniting quality time with baby, like-minded friends and staying fit in the great outdoors, you actually can have it all.

Anca told us “I am a full-time working mama to an adventurous 1.5 year old with baby that we took hiking first when he was 1 week old!  Being an avid hiker all my life it was only natural for me to keep staying active after we had a baby and only natural to get involved with the core group that got Hike it Baby started.” If you want to follow Anca’s example and stay fit, making it something to engage in with your family and a group that shares your motivation is a great way to do it.

Hike it Baby started in Portland, OR a year and a half ago and grew to over 50 local branches throughout US, Canada and Australia. If this sounds like something you would like to take part in, reach out to them here.

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