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Under Armour running groupConsider the following quote: “Nothing is better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you and your friends beside you.” Does it ring true for you? If that’s the case, then you’re probably already running with a few friends or a full crew.

But even if you’re not the type to call up or text a friend every time you head out for a run or to the gym, it’s always nice to see that like on your workout after you’ve done it, right? Don’t just take our word for it. Research into this subject shows that having friends to workout with is good for your overall health and fitness. First off, not only does staying connected with friends help keep depression at bay, it also promotes a healthy heart.

Yet another study shows that your performance actually gets a boost from training with a friend, confirming that healthy competition is not a contradiction – it’s a fact. Friends will also help keep you accountable, since we’re more likely to stick with our commitments when we make them in front of others. To add some more accountability and motivation to those goals, check out this post about our Commitments feature and add some motivators!

Thanks to our amazing community, we’ve noticed that if you have at least two friends on Endomondo, you’re twice as likely to stay active. Aside from that boost, there are tons of social features on Endomondo that help you keep up with your friends. Every time you check the news feed, you’ll see the latest workouts your friends have been doing.

IMG_3730From there you can like or add comments on their workout, see the pictures they’ve been snapping while on the route, and send pep talks if you catch them mid-workout. Need some pep-spiration? Check out these little motivational gems from our friends at Greatist. And if you do go training with a friend who’s on Endomondo, remember to tag them on your workout! Just to make sure you can connect anywhere and anytime, here’s a quick guide on how to add friends on Endomondo.

If there’s a final takeaway from all of this it’s that if you surround yourself with people that stay active and are healthy, you’ll likely follow suit. So connect with your friends and start tracking together!

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