It’s the 2014 Endomondo Peptalk Awards!


Many of you may already be using our Peptalk feature to root for your friends while they work out. But some of you may be asking what a pep talk even is?

pep talk


1. a vigorous, emotional talk, as to a person or group, intended to arouse enthusiasm, increase determination to succeed, etc.:

‘The coach gave the team a pep talk before the game.’


Well, who doesn’t like getting some extra motivation to help get over that last hurdle or reach a goal? With your Endomondo app, you can send your friends pep talks in real time to cheer them on, and they can send them to you.

Pep talks are sent as an audio notification, so as long as you’re wearing your headphones or have the sound up while using your app, you’ll hear that inside joke while you’re out running (or doing any other workout).

It’s no surprise that our pep talks are getting pretty popular, and that more of you are sending them every day. We think it’s time that you get some recognition for those strokes of genius you have sent or received on any given workout.

So, we’re rolling out the red carpet and getting our gala gear on, because it’s time for the 2014 Endomondo Peptalk Awards!

How do you participate? It’s easy. All you have to do to nominate a pep talk is to submit it here:

That’s it! After the first round of nominations is over, we’ll round up the best nominees and have the whole Endomondo community vote for their favorite one. Once all the votes are counted, we will announce the winner on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, and we will contact you using the Facebook profile you entered with.

Please be sure to check your “other” folder on Facebook so you don’t miss your winning message!

The winner of the “Best 2014 Peptalk” will receive a year of Endomondo Premium and a Jabra Pulse™ headset.

Hurry up and nominate your pep talk, and may the best one win!

The Endomondo Team

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