It’s All About Ten


Talk about a big ten—Android Market just passed ten billion downloads. They are taking the week to celebrate, with ten-themed deals on some of their applications. If ever there was a time to get Endomondo Pro, now is it, because for the next 24 hours and one more day within the next week, the app will be going down to $0.10 for Android users (or similar low price depending on currency)—the normal price is $3.99. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the exact date and time!

But fear not, those of you who use Endomondo on your iPhone or Blackberry; you too will be getting a price cut! For the rest of the week, Endomondo Pro will be available for just $0.99, the lowest price possible for a paid app.

So help us celebrate this huge Android milestone, by downloading our Pro app and other great apps. Here’s to another ten!

Read more on the Official Google Blog.

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