iPhone App 8.3.0. Offers Further Improvements on Social Features


With the latest release on iPhone app 8.3.0. we have improved some of the social features. As it was previously introduced, it became possible to tag friends you’ve done a workout with, add photos and a status message right from the app after the workout is finished.

Tagging friends is now much easier and faster, because the app auto-detects friends you have been working out with (same route at the same time) or suggests recently tagged friends.

Photos, which you added to a workout, are visible in the News Feed with iPhone app 8.3.0. and you can view them in a full screen by clicking on them.

We made challenges clickable in the News Feed, so you can now join a challenge easily right after you read that your friends joined some and let the peer-pressure (in the most positive sense) begin.

You can download the Endomondo iPhone app here.

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