Introducing Endomondo Life – An All-Day Activity Tracker App for iPhone 5s


Ever feel like you’re not getting full credit for physical activities during your normal day? Time spent cleaning up around the home, walking to and from a favorite restaurant during lunch break or chasing toddlers around; shouldn’t all that count toward your fitness goals?   Starting today, Endos using the iPhone 5s can record such regular daily activities thanks to the entirely brand new (and free!) Endomondo Life app.

Keeping track of how active you are has never been easier. Simply download the Endomondo Life app and be sure to have your iPhone 5s with you wherever you go – which you do anyway, right? 🙂

This completely new app from Endomondo utilizes the Apple M7 motion coprocessor, which collects and keeps all motion data on the device throughout the day, all while using minimal battery power. After you download Endomondo Life from the App Store, you can choose to use the app without logging in. If you opt for ‘anonymous’ usage, we will set an average weight (75,8kg) and height (175cm) so you’ll still get calorie data. However, we suggest you adjust these values to get more precise data. If you already have a profile at Endomondo and login with the same email address, Endomondo Life will automatically pull height and weight data from your Endomondo profile.


The app records how many steps you take and calculates the approximate distance walked and calories burned in 24 hours. Unlike using the step counter within our Endomondo app, you don’t need to start/stop the Endomondo Life app to track your steps. In fact, you don’t even have to open the app every day – it will automatically retrieve data from the previous seven days (unless you disable this option). Based on the last seven days’ activity history, the app sets an individual step goal as default. You can always change it but, to give you a little push from being a couch potato, the goal should be at least 2500 steps per day.

There are two screenshots below that illustrate the graphical weekly overview of your daily steps and cumulative calories burned, which you will be able to view in the app. There are a few other interesting stats as well, such as % goal completion. And to keep up your motivation, Endomondo Life notifies you when you reach your step goal.

So give it a shot, try it out and free your endorphins along the way – we’re looking forward to your feedback!

The Endomondo Team

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