How Yoga Lovers Can Benefit From Using Endomondo


Yoga smartphone

Smartphone fitness tracking apps aren’t just for distance sports.  Yoga enthusiasts, too, can benefit from the same mobile technology.

If you didn’t know, the Endomondo Sports Tracker app has yoga as one of more than 50 tracked activities.  Just select the yoga setting, click play/start, and place the smartphone next to your yoga mat.  The app then tracks workout duration and calories burned. Several heart rate monitors can also be deployed with the app to gather detailed data for more precise calorie calculations since yoga workout intensity can vary.

Upon completion of a yoga routine, press the app’s ‘stop’ button to store a helpful workout record. Detailed results can also be entered manually through the app or online at your Endomondo account so all exercise sessions are in a personal history.

Post-workout is where Endomondo truly shines thanks to the social nature of the service.  Similar to Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, Endomondo users can welcome people into their personal online yoga community.  Be it an acquaintance from a local class or yoga practitioner on the other side of the planet, users can share their exercise updates, upload a picture from a particular session perhaps showing a new pose, and ‘tag’ people on yoga activities. And through Endomondo, users can set up fun ‘Challenges’ that perhaps motivate people to lengthen yoga sessions or increase workouts over a week or month.

If you haven’t used Endomondo for yoga before, give it a try and see what friendships can be developed and insights discovered.

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