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Maybe you’ve bitten by the running bug or maybe you’re just looking to get yourself into better shape. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned runner, embracing running as part of your healthy habits is a great way to focus on your fitness.

Running is widely considered one of the best sports you can practice, since you can do it practically anywhere and anytime and can be a fun social workout to do with friends or on your own (with a boost from some motivating pep talks).

Still, if you haven’t been running regularly or if you’re aiming to push yourself to achieve a new goal, you need to consider how you approach your training. Running without a proper plan and guidance is one of the most common reasons runners get injured. To help you avoid injuries or from “hitting the wall” on your runs, we’re giving you a quick guide on how to pick a personal training plan based on your goal and fitness level.

5K training planIf your goal is to start running or to get faster…choose a 5K plan:

If you’re a novice runner or want to focus on speed, you’ll want to start here. The basis of this plan is to help your body used to the impact of running and to covering longer distances, while minimizing the risk of injury. This training plan features interval training to help you run/walk your way to a faster pace.

All of our training plans are designed to adapt dynamically to your fitness level and, and will be adjusted automatically as you go. That means that each time you reach a “race day” test, we’ll take your performance into account when calculating pace and distance on future workouts.

If your goal is to improve your running…choose a 10K plan:

Now that you’ve already taken to running, why not take your training further, literally? A 10K training plan will help you increase the distance you’re able to cover, and the audio coach will be especially useful for keeping you updated on your status with feedback throughout your run. Workouts featuring interval training will help you increase your pace and get your body used to handling both short and long strides so you can improve your ability to maintain your speed on longer distances.

If your goal is to take on an official race…choose a Half-Marathon or Marathon plan:

Marathon training plan Taking on an official race may seem daunting, but it’s not an unreachable goal — if you have the right guidance. The Half-Marathon and Marathon training plans are both made to help you prepare for your race goal. The in-depth statistics available on all of our training plans will be especially helpful when looking to improve on your race time.

They’ll provide valuable insights into your performance and will highlight the areas you should work on. With these plans, it’s crucial to start them well in advance to be sure that you’ll be done with your training by the time race day arrives.

Keeping up with your training plan is easy, since you decide the days you want to schedule your runs. You’ll see your planned workouts whenever you launch your app so that you never miss a session. Go on and give our Premium training plans a try so you can reach that running goal!

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